JAFIA includes award-winning musicians, singers and sound engineering – DAWID PORTA – Vocals, Musician, Writer & Composer, TOMASZ KOŻ LAREK – Bass Guitar, RAFAŁ CZAJKOWSKI “CZAJNIK” – Guitar, JAN GEMBALA – Keyboards, BARTEK NORKOWKI “SIZE” – Drums, MAREK POPIS – Guitar

since 1996
music productions
& albums

JAFIA emerged out of the virbrant reggae scene of Eastern Europe (Poland) in the early 90’s. Since then, the band has evolved to create a unique style that is a stimulating synthesis of Rock, Funk, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Electronic Dance music and Reggae.

ROOTS & CULTURE (1996) – IN TIME (2009) – ONE LOVE TRAIN (2012) – KARAVANA (2015) – NEW POWER SOUL (2021)

” In a frank interview with David Portaszem, known from bands like Jafia (ex. Jafia Nemuel) Sedativa, Rastasize, the BRAINHOLE or Milennium, you will find out how far it is from inspiration to making your dreams come true and how far it is from Poland to Jamaica. Is the artist an emotional exhibitionist? What impact does experience have on art? From the conversation you will also learn how to fight with yourself, your own fears and how powerful weapon can music be ” Press

JAFIA gained a cult following for pushing the boundaries and widening the scope for conscious music in Europe with live performances and studio recordings from Europe to the Caribbean along side internation performers such as …… , gospel singer Dorrey Lin Lyles, with other choir members, Kayah who is one of the most renowned female voices of Eastern European mainstream, music producer and composer Marcin Pospieszalski, acclaimed jazz Hammond organist WOJCIECH KAROLAK and recently STEPHEN NEWLAND, leader and singer at Rootz Underground from Jamaica, who had joined the forces with JAFIA. summertime 2017, JAFIA and Newland had performed live on the most significant festivals in the European Reggae scene such as Ostroda, Woodstock, Heineken music festivals.

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